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This is an OCESS Wiki organizational article.

Do not edit unless you are a wikimaster or alumnus.

This is the Wiki TODO List

When you create a page, append {{Stub}} at the end of the article below any category markers. This will automatically include it in the list of articles needing more work.

Always be sure to follow the edicts of the Style Guide when working on the Wiki.

Please work on these articles preferentially. Our future members, the Wiki Task Force, and anyone who wants to learn about Spacesim certainly appreciate any editing you do; our Lore is the well-loved product of smart people selected by common interest. But the most important facts about Spacesim, about previous missions and years, about how we learn and teach about space, can all be found on the pages for years, for procedures and for various rooms within the Hawking III, our habitat. This wiki is for public outreach and for preserving the most important parts of Sim Culture, so let's make it as complete and as rife with facts as we can.

-Samuel Baltz


Habitat Systems Project

Create Pseudoscience that describes how the world works in the Beta Reality, including all Habitat Systems.

The project is being run from its Category Page.

Please discuss this project on its Talk page rather than on the Community Portal.

Planets Project

Create an article for each destination that we've visited that contains basic information about that planet, when we visited it, and what we learned there. If possible, EEPs information should be tied in as well.

The project is being run from its Category Page, and more details are to be found there.

Please discuss this project on its Talk page rather than on the Community Portal.

Procedures Update Project

Recently, procedures have started to stray from the typical format, so a small project has been launched to fix them.

This Project is being run from the Procedures Table of Contents.

Please discuss this project on its Talk page rather than on the Community Portal.

Archives Project

We have massive quantities of paper records, both in the Spacesim office and at Ottawa Tech, which will likely be lost in the coming years if they are not properly archived. I suggest that we:

  • Read through (or at least skim) our paper records, and use these to expand our coverage of Spacesim's earlier history
  • Scan the records in their entirety and upload them as PDF files for viewing.

I'm willing to help with the first part, and the second if we can find someone with a scanner that exports PDFs. Max.Jeffcott 22:48, 10 March 2010 (EST)

Alright, looks like the project is beginning. I currently have position of the "Mission '91/Mission '92" binder, and I'll begin scanning it soon. I'm also using it to make significant changes to articles concerning those years, since it turns out the ISSS was significantly more expansive than we've been letting on. Wish me luck. Max.Jeffcott 22:20, 12 March 2010 (EST)
Yeah, it was huge and we just don't have the data. Stupid fledgling internet and paper records. ---BenzyneTalk Page 22:38, 12 March 2010 (EST)

Photo Project

Okay, in my four years of wikediting, I have managed to upload many hundreds of images to the wiki. Unfortunately, many of them are duplicates. Two people, or one person on two occasions, sometimes upload the same image. This can all be changed with some careful organization. I propose that all the images on the wiki be divided into categories. This is a momentous task, and people will likely still be working on this come September. I'll post more details later. If you want to help, start with the file list >>>Q-Cumber 18:28, 9 June 2010 (EDT)

Project Alumnus Information

For the first time in recorded history, Spacesim is using the incredible networking properties of the internet to get in touch with massive quantities of alumni. The List of Members is exploding, Oce Spacesim on Facebook is getting pretty popular, and we need to make the best of it. This task force will go through yearbooks for information about the club, add any alumni they can, find graduating years and information about administration hierarchy, and create pages for the information that they find.

Wanted Wiki


  • Template for including multiple templates at the top of the page (for example: List, Lore, and Wikimaster Displeasure at the same time).
  • Template that has an editable list, different for every template. Perhaps this is not a Template in WikiCode and merely a colored text box, but it would be handy.
  • Template for Countries. There's quite a large heap of dead links for countries.


  • Category Standards
  • Habitat-Related


Articles that need pictures should have the {{pic}} template appended to them at the top.

Articles that contain the {{pic}} template are listed at the needed pictures' category.

To view which pictures have already been uploaded to the wiki, see the Gallery of New Files.


Please request articles by listing them below.

For additional articles, see Special:Wantedpages, which lists pages that are linked to, but don't exist yet.


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