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Spacesim's List of Space Related Web Sites is borrowed from the Canadian Space Resource Center-Ontario, with some links added and removed. The original list was posted in the Spacesim Office, but a number of the links are now defunct so the list has changed accordingly, and as members stumble across online space resources they are encouraged to add to the list. This list is well supplemented by Dr. Jim Magwood's list of resources relating to chemistry, including explanations regarding quantum mechanics and intermolecular forces, found here:

List of Space-Related Web Sites

Artemis Project (Human Colonies on The Moon)
Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute
Canadian Space Agency
Canadian Space Society
Canolab (Grades 4-8)
Cosmodome/Space Camp Canada (French)
Discovery Centre
European Space Agency Homepage
Gallery of NASA Images
H.R. Macmillan Space Centre
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
Large Hadron Collider
Mars Society
NASA Homepage
National Space Society
Neurolab STS-90 (Canadian Astronaut -Medical/Biology)
Rose Center for Earth and Space Sciences
Russian Space Agency
Space Science Institute
Spar Aerospace LTD
Stephen Hawking's Public Lectures