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The exercise bike

A biomed, short for biomedical exercise, is a personalised set of exercises developed for each astronaut by a flight surgeon. Astronauts are to complete at least one biomed per mission day in order to prevent muscle decay in the beta reality.

Biomed Procedures

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Prior to the mission, a flight surgeon is to conduct a physical fitness evaluation of each astronaut. Using this baseline, the chief flight surgeon will develop a biomed schedule for the astronaut. The biomed schedule should be submitted to the Mission Control Commander in order to have it incorporated into the overall mission schedule.

During the mission, the Flight Surgeon on duty in mission control will be responsible to managing biomeds.

Typical Exercises

Biomeds are usually similar between astronauts, and typically involve push-ups, sit-ups, and cycling on the exercise bike. Before, after, and during the biomed, the astronaut's blood pressure is measured and recorded. Biomed shifts are typically 30 minutes in length.