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Extraterrestrial Objects are objects that Spacesim has visited during a Mission. The types of objects include planets such as Mars, satellites or moons such as Europa, and spacecraft such as the International Space Station.

This Category is part of the Planets Project to share what each mission has learned of a particular Mission Destination, so that future generations may benefit. In addition these pages should also include the elementary research that goes into any mission.

Each article in this project should use the Planet Template, which can be included by typing {{Planet}} into the article, and then adding additional parameters with pipes "|"

The project's status can be monitored on the Talk Page.


The size box should be filled out to give a general idea of what the planet looks like and a sense of scale. Obviously we're not being very exact, but we're not running a geodedical survey here, so we can take some liberties.

If you're using something that is not a regular geometrical solid such as a sphere or cylinder, then you need to specify your shape in a separate article.

Defined shapes include:

Shape Dimensions
Sphere Radius r
Cylinder Radius r, height h
Bowling Pin Radius r, height h
Oblate Spheroid Equatorial radius Er, polar radius Pr

EEPs Tie-in

If a particular planet or other extraterrestrial has an associated EEP demo, please make sure that that information is included in the article under an EEPs section.

A Visual List

Please fill in any red links. Non-linked items are included for completeness (eg: all the planets; Deimos due to Phobos's inclusion).


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