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Astrometry is the branch of astronomy that relates to precise measurements and explanations of the positions and movements of stars and other celestial bodies. Although once thought of as an esoteric field with little useful application for the future,[citation needed] the information obtained by astrometric measurements is now very important in contemporary research into the kinematics and physical origin of our Solar System and our Galaxy, the Milky Way. Astrometry is that branch of astronomy, which deals with precise measurement and explanation of position & movement of stars and other celestial bodies leading to kinematics.

Astrometry in Geek Culture

Astrometrics is a part of the USS Voyager in the popular Television show "Voyager". It is used to help the crew navigate the most efficient routes to speed up their immense journey from the "Delta Quadrant" to Earth. This part of the ship was made famous by the widely popular character: Seven of Nine who spent much of her time on the ship working there. She was a widely popular character because of the depth of her personality, and her formfitting outfit.