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Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be! -Robert Browning


Photograph of Tait used for her Election campaign.

Jamie Tait-Glossop
Current Grade 11
School Lisgar Collegiate
Current Position Education Commander
Former Positions Quartermaster, Director of Planetariums
Callsign N/A
Pronouns She/Her
Training Summary


Jamie Tait-Glossop is the Education Commander of OCESS, and joined in 2017-18. She is an avid writer of Wikipedia articles and takes great interest in the club's past, and so is a major contributor to the wiki and its main teacher of Wikitext formatting.

Mission Specific


  • Tait joined OCESS in September 2017, after being introduced to the club by Kaeden Seburn that summer. She attended worksessions infrequently in the fall, before becoming more invested in the club as the mission approached. She was chosen to be a simulator, though she was not trained in Simulator Engineering by the mission.
  • It was during Silver Seas that she established her reputation for taking night shifts, aided by her energy, adaptability, and rather reckless nature. She was reprimanded post-mission by the Hierarchy for her irresponsible behaviour as she had not slept once during the mission, staying awake for around 120 straight hours. Her inexperience and recklessness was once again demonstrated as she achieved infamy through the Toaster Fire Disaster, a poorly planned disaster during which the Astronaut crew lost a roll of paper towel, which unbeknownst to Tait and her shift partner, was the only roll that the crew had packed.
  • Post-mission, Simulator Commander Serena Harden tasked her with writing the Simulator Report over March Break. Unable to contact the other Simulators, she wrote only about her own experiences, and in the absence of a more complete report, her work was submitted as the official report for 2018.


  • Now being better established in the club, Tait began taking a more active role. She became well-versed in Planetariums, and was certified to teach them by Magwood. Her love for organization and inventory earned her the position of Quartermaster. Captain and interim Simulator Commander Harden granted her a more influential role in mission planning, allowing her to learn more about the ins and outs of the Mission.
  • As often happens, the tenth grade Outdoor Education winter trip coincided with the mission, and not wanting her already low grade to drop further, Tait opted to simply miss the requisite 28 hours of the mission in order to attend. In an attempt to make up for this, she took as many shifts as possible whilst still in Ottawa, including every night shift for which she was present. Strangely, she was not reprimanded for this decision this time. Tait's most notable contribution to the 2019 mission was the design and construction of the Alpha Engine Module, which had previously only been a theoretical location in OCESS Beta.
  • Post-mission, Tait was asked to apply for Education Commander, due to the lack of hierarchy applicants that year. As one of the only applicants, Tait was unsurprisingly chosen, and Toby Armstrong was chosen to serve as Subcommander, despite both his seniority and his not having applied for Commander whatsoever. Captain Harden attempted to teach her the ropes of her former role, but due to Tait's absence at summer camp for the majority of the summer, she was unable to get much training in before Harden moved away.


  • Tait's first time in a leadership role came in the wake of a great loss of members. The graduation of ten OCESS seniors, along with the inamicable departure of several others, meant that the club was in a place of near-universal inexperience. From early on in the year, the hierarchy found itself working as a team of three, as conflicts of interest and personal issues threw the team into disarray. The early months of her term were fraught with controversy, as her lack of club knowledge, inexperience in leadership and conflict management, and poor planning skills meant that very few of the club's baseline requirements were met. With this unfortunate combination, Tait and her inexperienced hierarchy struggled to fulfill their responsibilities as the mission drew closer.
  • The mission timeline was initially a team effort between the mission's MC, Astonauts and Simulators, and outlined a standard 96-hour mission. However, the year's many unexpected and unchangeable setbacks meant that the timeline was rewritten in its entirety by Tait. This meant that the mission's team had no influence in, nor knowledge of what was going to occur on the mission, apart from a single briefing at the last worksession. While the mission went well given the circumstances, Tait found that the problems that the crew encountered during their new 50-hour mission were easily preventable and that something needed to be done about her situation.
  • Tait made her frustrations known through a series of essays written in early February 2020, outlining what she believed were the underlying issues that led to the disaster that was her Hierarchy. In an attempt to ensure that such an event would not reoccur, she drafted a proposal for a Hierarchy Reform which she believed would address the club's problems. Included in this proposal was an electoral reform, changing the choice of hierarchy from a decision made by the outgoing commanders, to a ranked-choice vote in which every member of the club would participate. The proposal received widespread support, so it was decided that the 2020-21 hierarchy would be chosen by vote.
  • The 2020 Quarantine resulted in all of OCESS' members being separated, and stuck in their homes without much other work to do. Tait attempted to use this time to work towards the 2020 Mission Report and plan for the 2021 mission. A unexpected but very successful push to edit the wiki, spearheaded by Tait and several others, saw the creation of nearly 50 new wiki articles in the first three days of its implementation. It was also decided that, since the pandemic had no signs of stopping, that the Election would be held online.
  • Tait decided that she would still run for Commander in the Election. The event saw many people taking greater interest in the hierarchy, and six people ran as candidates. Lasting 24 hours, the election saw 19 out of its 20 registered votes be placed, and rather unexpectedly, Tait was elected as Education Commander.


  • Was the selected CAPCOM officer for the Boogie Mission.
  • Participated in the 2020 Election Hysteria event.
  • Was a candidate in OCESS' first ever Election.
  • Created the short-lived Encyclopaedia Keplernica, an attempt at officially itemizing Keplernicus.
  • Owns an original white OCESS Flight Suit, which she took home after it was damaged.