Boogie Mission

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This article is about Space Sim Lore. It contains anecdotes or Spacesim mythology.


The Boogie Mission was a mini mission which took place in the late evening (roughly 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM) on October 11th, 2019. It is notable for its use of rapidfire major disasters, its use of AUXCOM as opposed to the typical CAPCOM, and for the playing of extremely loud music over the habitat speakers throughout most of the duration of the mission.


CAPCOM: Jamie Tait-Glossop

Flight: Blakely Haughton

Engineering: Cesare Corazza

EECOM: Abigale Hamer-Wilson

Murray: Murray Renaud


From the beginning of the mission, CAPCOM functionalities were completely unusable due to a broken microphone in the Habitat. AUXCOM was instead used for Hab-MC communication, while MC-Hab remained verbal. This worked for a while, until CAPCOM broke entirely, and the Astronauts were forced to use pencil and paper signs held up to the security cameras.

This minimission was the first one led by Simulators Mars Wichmann-Young and Owen Matthews. Owen is a member infamous for his sadistic approach to running disasters, as well as his uncommon prowess at Sim Engineering. As such, the minimission was riddled with never-before-seen disasters, few of which were truly resolved. By the end of the minimission, the only reason the crew was still alive was the fact that Owen wanted to keep them that way.

Ethan also used this minimission to test the Habitat speaker system. He would often play leitmotif-style music that he thought would fit the situation, which often resulted in crew being annoyed and discouraged by the (often loud) songs.

Blakely decided to test the attention of Mission Control by changing his flight path to point towards the sun, instead of the moon (the intended destination). He then asked MC if he was on the correct path, to which they replied 'yes'. This continued until he performed a proper landing on the sun, as the sun is treated similarly to the planets in the Flight software. His request to perform an EVA was cleared, after which he revealed the situation to Mission Control.

Many issues in the EECOM software went unnoticed by the crew, up to and including complete organ failure of the entire crew, due to the EECOM officer being otherwise occupied. Two crew members spent the majority of the minimission French kissing in front of the EECOM computer, meaning that all errors went unnoticed.


This minimission was a wake-up call for OCESS, indicating that professionalism, training and focus were major issues. A lengthy discussion was held shortly thereafter, where it was decided that training would be further prioritized and minimissions would be rescheduled accordingly.