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Kelpernicus, the current storage module.
The storage modules at Spacesim are storage rooms where the members of Sim store materials needed for maintenance, constructions and EEPs. This includes screws and drill bits, tools, extra monitors, bins of cables, rocks for planetary surfaces, tarps and old files. Copernicus previously used the Jeffery-decimal system, but it has fallen out of use since the departure of Jeff Gao. This, combined with the move to the new room, resulted in the complete disarray of Keplernicus. It is unknown whether current Quartermaster Olivia Frank has any organizational plans for the storage module.

In mid 2017, Keplernicus briefly housed a small office area known as the Keplernoffice, primarily used by Ethan Boicey and Serban Popovici. This area's contents have since been shifted to RD1.

Module Lore

As Spacesim moved across the city, the number of storage modules has increased and decreased as the facilities changed. There has been a tradition of naming the modules after notable astronomers.

In the old facilities at Ottawa Tech, there were two storage modules: Copernicus and Kepler. At the Bronson Street Media Centre, there was only a single storage room, which was known as Keplernicus. This name is now used for the current module, in Spacesim's New Facilities, also at Ottawa Tech.

A strange being known as the Copernicus Moogle is reported to inhabit its eponymous module.

During the first Mission Daedalus (not Daedalus), a mouse was captured in Kepler, and promptly declared to be the first captured Hab Gnome.