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Elections are the method of choosing Hierarchy established in 2019-20. Instead of the interview and selection process of previous years, the hierarchy would be voted on by the club's members.


The Election is the central pillar of the OCESS Pseudoparliamentary model. It allows the members of the club to choose their own leaders, allowing for fairer choices and a greater sense of involvement within the club. It uses ranked-choice voting, where voters list their desired commanders from most to least wanted. The winner becomes commander, the runner-up becomes subcommander. In the event of a tie, the decision is made by the person for whose position the tie was reached. Election is held on the last week of May, and the official transition occurs on June 26th, with an inauguration occurring at SARP.


  • May 28, 2020

This election was conducted online, amidst the Quarantine. It was conducted using the website electionrunner.com, as it seemed to be the most trusted free e-voting service. Of the 20 voters, 19 votes were cast.



Blakely Haughton was elected Mission Commander with 14 votes, with a second-place tie between Cesare Corazza and Aidan Darling. Commander Haughton chose Corazza to become Subcommander. Jamie Tait-Glossop was elected Education Commander with 13 votes. Murray Renaud was elected Subcommander with 4 votes.