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The Education Commander of Spacesim was a rank introduced in 2007-08 and kept for the current hierarchy.


Up to and including 2006-07, education duties were split among two EEP Commanders and two Planetarium Commanders. Stefan De Young's original Proposal to Change the Hierarchy called for the Education Commander to be responsible for all non-planetarium educational activities, and they would be one of three Club Co-heads with the Planetarium Commander and Mission Commander. However, in the implementation of the proposal, the Planetarium Commander was made a subordinate of the Education Commander. This was the case until the 2010 Proposal to Change the Hierarchy, where planetarium duties were folded into the Education portfolio and Planetarium Commander was retired in favour of the Deputy Education Commander. The Education Commander works with the Deputy Education Commander to ensure that EEPs are being done, that EEPs and Planetariums are being done properly, and to educate members at any time. An Education Commander should ideally be familiar with all of these Spacesim systems as well as having a good knowledge of space sciences that they are willing to share with members at any time.