Election Hysteria

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This article is about Space Sim Lore. It contains anecdotes or Spacesim mythology.

An artist's rendition of the event.

Election Hysteria was an event which occurred on the 28th of May, 2020. It is regarded as both a pivotal moment of team bonding and camaraderie in the midst of the Quarantine, as well as a likely example of Mass Hysteria


The OCESS Discord Server was being used (officially) for Election campaigning and voting. At approximately 1800 hours, Blakely Haughton accidentally joined a voice call. Seeing this, Jamie Tait-Glossop also joined, and a discussion ensued. Conversation was casual for several hours, and election results were discussed. Cesare Corazza, Murray Renaud, and Tabitha Ewart also joined the call.

The Collapse

Screenshot (15).png

  • At approximately 2100, Tabitha messaged 'Can't relate. Am not gay.' to a channel on the Discord server. Shortly thereafter, several others echoed this message. Blakely then accidentally capitalized the world 'relate', for which he was chastised, of course with identical messages. The crew members then proceeded to ping Jonah Hamer-Wilson repeatedly, along with several other members.

Screenshot (16).png

  • Each time a message was sent that was not the message being repeated, it was quickly jumped on and repeated as well. Within twenty minutes, over a hundred messages had been sent, and almost a dozen people had joined the voice call. What is widely regarded as the true inciting incident was an accidental @everyone sent by Benjamin Seguin, after which mass panic ensued. Several people joined the channel, wondering why they had been pinged. Of course, their messages of confusion were quickly parroted back at them, compounding the confusion.

Screenshot (14).png

  • Jamie jokingly tried to 'remedy' the chaos by imposing a six-hour chat delay, which was quickly removed as she was also greatly enjoying the situation.
Jamie's Discord notifications.
  • At one point, Jamie jokingly said that everyone should ping her, instead of the others. What proceeded was six consecutive minutes of constant pings, totaling to 257 separate messages.

Screenshot (13).png

  • It seemed that this event was enough to get the hysteria out of everyone's systems, and conversation quickly calmed down. As of the writing of this article (2230), the voice call is still active, with Murray, Cesare, Aidan and Jamie listening to Gustav Holst and talking calmly.


While the event angered some people (mostly uninvolved victims of the @everyone), it was largely seen as harmless. For the people involved, it was a welcome change of pace from the isolation and boredom of the 2020 Quarantine. Those involved made an agreement to not allow such widespread chaos to occur again on the Discord server, at least not until the night of the 2021 election. If such an instance of chaos occurs again, then it will likely be stopped by the server moderators.


A heart-to-heart conversation was had shortly after the hysteria, discussing the importance of camaraderie, connection and entertainment in such a tough time. A pact was made to cuddle with one another once social distancing measures were lifted.

True Lead-Up

At approximately 1700, Murray, Aidan and several others got into an argument about the sexual status of various instruments. It seems that this argument was the source of the message 'gay bari sax gang', which was likely the catalyst of the entire event.