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This was the Main Page of the wiki prior to May 30, 2020. Current Main Page

Welcome to the Ottawa Carleton Educational Space Simulation Wiki.


Commonly known as Spacesim, the OCESS is a non-profit organisation dedicated to learning and teaching about Space, Space Science, and Space Exploration.

The wiki is a useful source for information about Sim Lore, members, and many other weird and wonderful things. However, it is an undiscovered resource to be tapped into. Various commanders and webmasters over the history of Spacesim, each with their own system of organization, have added valuable knowledge over the years. The result, lots of interesting and valuable information with no system to document and organize it.

Rediscovering and organizing the various documents on the wiki is a great adventure that will continue eternally.

A great place to start in keeping our wiki organized is to have updated member pages for all members. If you don't have a member page on the wiki, you should either create one yourself, or contact the current Webmaster or Education Commander.

Keeping the procedures and other documents on the wiki updated will allow us to use it as a source during missions. If you would like to help us out in organizing this great archive. Let your current Webmaster know.

This is the one way we will be able to preserve the memory of Spacesim forever, so start sharing your knowledge with the current and future members of OCESS.


Ryan Torrington-Smith
Webmaster 2014-15

Starting Points

Wiki Work Spacesim
The Wiki "To Do" List Educational Outreach
Articles Needing Expansion The Mission
Habitat Systems Project Spacesim History
Planets Project Spacesim Lore
Simulation Procedures Organisational Structure

Helpful Things

The wiki is currently maintained by Ivan Fonseca. Contact him if you have any questions or concerns.

Contact us

If you're not sure what to do, see our Contacts page for more information on where to direct your query.