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Sim History refers to an account of all of the important events of the organisation on a year by year basis, a record of its leaders, and the sagas of its missions.

Sim History on the Wiki

The Ottawa incarnation of Spacesim, from which the OCESS is descended, has existed for over 20 years, but unfortunately, there are many blanks in the current knowledge of Spacesim's history due to lack of record-keeping. The creation of the Spacesim Wiki was in part motivated by a desire to fill in these blanks. If you know particular details about a specific year or mission please add to the article. If you need an account in order to make these edits, please ask the webmaster for help.

Sim History

Missions in italics did not occur in Ottawa.
Missions struck through did not have a Spacesim presence

Year Mission Destination Exchange
Pre-Hawking Era (1988-91)
1987-88 /In the beginning... Luna 1988 Luna The Woodlands, TX
1988-89 Luna 1989 Luna The Woodlands, TX
1989-90 Luna 1990 Luna The Woodlands, TX
1990-91 Luna 1991 Luna The Woodlands, TX
Hawking I Era (1991-01)
1991-92 Luna 1992 Luna Lexington, SC
1992-93 Luna 1993 Luna Lexington, SC
1993-94 Titan 1994 Titan Lexington, SC
1994-95 Pluto 1995 Pluto Lexington, SC
1995-96 Triton 1996 Triton Lexington, SC
1996-97 Europa 1997 Europa Lexington, SC
1997-98 Jupiter 1998 Jupiter N/A
1998-99 Phobos 1999 Phobos Lexington, SC
1999-00 Io 2000 Io N/A
2000-01 Europa 2001 Europa Lexington, SC
Hawking II Era (2001-08)
2001-02 Mars 2002 Mars ???, FL
2002-03 Ida and Dactyl 2003 Ida and Dactyl N/A
2003-04 Luna 2004 Luna N/A
2004-05 Mars 2005 Mars N/A
2005-06 Prometheus 2006 Titan N/A
2006-07 Coronis 2007 Borrelly N/A
2007-08 Red Dawn 2008 Mars N/A
Hawking III Era (2008-)
2008-09 Genesis 2009 Iapetus N/A
2009-10 Daedalus 2010 Europa N/A
2010-11 Dragan 2011 Gliese 581 g N/A
2011-12 Red Sun 2012 Mars N/A
2012-13 Pritchett Mersereau-2012A N/A
2013-14 Magellan 2014 Alpha Centauri N/A
2014-15 Bifrost 2015 Hyperion N/A
2015-16 Red Horizon 2016 Mars N/A
2016-17 Blue Dawn 2017 Triton N/A
2017-18 Silver Seas 2018 Enceladus N/A
2018-19 Psychedelia 2019 16 Psyche N/A
2019-20 Hindsight 2020 Mars N/A