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Earth-Station 1 is the only earth-based branch of the OCESS other than Mission Control. It was created during Mission Daedalus 2010, where it was used to assist Mission Control in diagnostic matters. It replaced the previous tradition among Flight Directors of calling experts when Mission Control was out of its depth in a situation; this consisted of telephoning the Simulators who would usually lend assistance. In order to replace this it is run by whichever simulators are on-duty.

Earth-Station 1 also served as Mission Control during the short intervals while Mission Control was transferring from the Spacesim Office to night-time Mission Control at 440 Albert.

Earth-Station 1 has a few notable roles in beta besides being a front for he simulators. ES1 typically is in charge of things that the astros need that can't be done by MC staffers as the duties need to be done on the planetary surface. Duties include:

  • Garbage venting
  • Topping up water in the water system
  • Checking the breaker panel
  • EVAs


Since ES1 committed numerous alleged abuses of power during Mission Daedalus, Earth Station 1 Procedures are in the process of being drawn up. More serious alleged abuses of power on Dragan 2011, both within the Beta and Alpha realities, are addressed in Samuel's and Arrian's ES1 Reprimands.

Auxcom Location

During Daedalus 2010, while Mission Control was at the Sim Office at Lisgar, Mir or Fu acted as Earth Station 1. When Mission Control transferred from Lisgar to 440 Albert for Night Shifts, Mir became the official Mission Control AUXCOM and Admiral Magwood's laptop became Earth Station 1. Fu was also used as Earth Station 1 several times.

Earth Station 1b Auxcom

When another computer was acting as Earth Station 1, Admiral Magwood's laptop, located in the Simulator Loft, operated as Earth Station 1b.