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AUXCOM, or 'Auxiliary Communications' is the name of both a post in Mission Control and the text-based communication system between Mission Control and the Habitat that that position monitors. AUXCOM usually suffers fewer technical glitches than CAPCOM (audio communications).

Duties and Procedures

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AUXCOM is one of the oldest methods of communication used by Spacesim. One of the original AUXCOM systems (possibly the original) were two networked laptops running a form of talk or echo. In the mid-years, AUXCOM was run using 'Talk', a Linux based program over the OCESS network. It would only go offline if computer telemetry was also lost.

In the past several years, AUXCOM had not be used, but was used heavily throughout Daedalus through the Windows NetMeeting client.


AUXCOM is used to supplement CAPCOM. In times when CAPCOM is offline, AUXCOM has become the primary form of communication. In countless disasters AUXCOM was needed to communicate between the Habitat and Mission Control.

During regular mission hours, AUXCOM is used to transmit lengthy data, such as Astronaut biomeds or experiment data.

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