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A Night Shift is a shift held by Mission Control staff, Simulators, or Astronauts during the mission. For everyone except astronauts, night shifts are purely voluntary and take place between 2000 and 0800 hours. Astronaut night shifts are scheduled like normal astronaut shifts to maintain constant alertness aboard the Habitat.


Prior to 2008-09, night shifts as such did not exist. The mission was put on stand-by from 2000 to 0800 to allow astronauts time to recuperate and complete homework that hadn't been completed during their assigned homework timeslot. However, if a beta disaster were to occur, such as module decompression or loss of power during the off-hours, or continue into the off-hours, the astronauts and any Mission Controllers present would be Golden-Rule bound to respond. Although usually mission controllers did not stay after 2200 hours, occasionally they would sleep over in mission control.

Genesis 2009

During Genesis 2009, night shifts were first put in place. However, as with other aspects of the mission that failed due to organizational problems, practically night shifts failed completely. Astronauts did not properly budget their time and some refused to sleep when supposed to. Some astronauts failed to complete their night shifts and went back to bed partway through, while others fell asleep on duty. Luckily, the simulators were also having sleeping problems as well, so no potentially-harmful beta events happened. Before the mission even launched, many members working on getting the Habitat prepared for launch slept over at 440 Albert, using the bunks in the Longhouse and simmie loft.

Daedalus 2010

During Daedalus, mission control night shifts were not scheduled and were filled completely with volunteers. These improvised shifts proved to be inefficient when mission controllers fell asleep at their posts, and useless when it turned out that the simulators were not taking night shifts. Also, night Mission Control was nigh empty on every day except Friday night, where it was overfilled.

On Mission Daedalus, the members with the most night shifts were: