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Spacesim has many computers, and to distinguish them when networking they are given names taken from mythology, science-fiction, history, and other disciplines. The current tradition when naming computers is to let the person who contributed the box decide the name. Thus, there is a wide variety in the origins of computer names.

Work Laptops

DS Ubuntu Named in reference to its broken screen hinge, reminiscent of early Nintendo DS consoles.
Mizar Ubuntu Named after Alcor's, the computer's previous name before its hard drive was reformatted, naked-eye double. Owned by Jamie Tait-Glossop
Porygon Windows XP Professional Named after the Pokemon. Owned by Jamie Tait-Glossop

Simulator Loft Computers

Cassini Simulator software Named after the Italian astronomer
Bill Nye Running Windows XP performance edition Named after Bill Nye
Design 40 Runs current server software as well as tunneling through the VPN to connect 440 Albert to the Spacesim Office. Ezio's Twin.
Apu A more modern computer which will be used for video decoding and CV. Uses the uncommon 64 bit version of Windows XP. Has 8GB of RAM and an AMD APU processor. Named after Apu from The Simpsons. The name is a pun on it's use of an AMD APU processor.
Susanoo Runs Simulator Flight, and will likely be used to run Simulator BIOCOM once it is reintroduced. Named after Susanoo-no-Mikoto from Japanese mythology. Presumably also draws inspiration from the Naruto character.
Arrigo Runs Simulator CAPCOM, and is used for writing logs. Named after Lisgar band teacher Richard Arrigo, the favourite teacher of many OCESS members, and the former owner of the computer before it was retired.
Origin 4000 A rackmount server which will eventually replace Design 40. Currently being repaired and set up. Named after the SGI Origin series of servers, and the Design 40 before it. Not actually an SGI.

Astronaut Computers

B62-Teacher Habitat ORBIT Came with its current name along with a good deal of handy OCDSB software.
Nutrino Habitat Engineering Named after the particle
Pulsar Habitat EECOM Named after the astronomical object

Mission Control Computers

C3-PO MC Engineering Named after the fictional robot
Chandrasekhar MC EECOM Named after the Indian astrophysicist
Grissom MC permanently broken Named after the American astronaut
Mir MC Map & Logs Named after the Russian space station
Shane MC Orbit & CAPCOM mirror Named after the fictional character from The L Word

Office Computers

Ezio VPN Server Tunneling to connect office to 440 Albert. Kane's twin. Named after Ezio_Auditore_da_Firenze a fictional character from Assassins Creed.
Cernan Various Duties Named after the American astronaut
Dee ORBIT Named after the Canadian pilot
HAL 9000 Simulator software Named after the fictional AI
Iapetus Engineering Named after the moon of Saturn
Kepler MC software Named after the German astrologer
Spock EECOM Named after the fictional character
Monitot Second Screen Name derived from a typo by Spencer Whitehead

Former Computers

A.C. Clarke Engineering simulator software Named after the British science fiction writer
Armstrong Former Habitat Logs Named after the American astronaut
Asimov Former Habitat Named after the Russian-American scientist and writer
Comet Simulator software
First Aid
FU Retired Computer for general usage The origin of FU's name are currently unknown. The computer was named and installed in ages long past.
Kane Retired server computer Named after Kane the main antagonist of the popular RTS series. Ezio's twin
Nebula Simulator software Named after the astronomical object
OCESS Variable software in Mission Control Name of the club itself
Orion Simulator software Named after the constellation
Sputnik Former Habitat Named after the Russian spacecrafts
Stonehenge/Cygnus Dedicated server that ran the Corel camera system Named after the British landmark
Temeraire Simulator software Named after the fictional dragon
The Server
White Rabbit

Standby Computers

Kerman Running Windows XP performance edition Named after a common last name for the kerbals in Kerbal Space Program