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A callsign is a pseudonym that radio operators such as CAPCOM will use to refer to a specific person or group of people.

Important Callsigns

  • The callsign for Mission Control is "M.C." (pronounced "emm-cee").
  • The callsign for the Habitat is "Habitat", though "Hab" is also acceptable.
  • The callsign for Earth Station 1 is "Earth" or "ES1" (pronounced "ee-ess-one").

Spacesim Culture

In recent times, callsigns have come to be used as friendly nicknames, and have entered the general Spacesim culture. Some examples from the Mission Daedalus Astronauts are "Angel" for Lt. Christian Angel, "Africa" for Lt. Cmdr. Peter Macdonald and "Euro" for Lt. Euan Wheaton. For several years, callsigns went unused within the club, before being revived in 2020 as part of The Dig. Doctor Magwood endorsed this decision, on the condition that no one may choose their own callsign, instead that they must be chosen by other club members.


In 2009-10 the chemical toilets in the bathroom were labeled with the astronauts' callsigns instead of their names, as had been done in previous years.

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List of Callsigns

These are all of the known Callsigns for OCESS members.

Callsign Member Origin
Aardvark Toby Armstrong Bestowed by Jamie Tait-Glossop, in reference to an incident which occurred on the 2018 Lisgar music trip to Arnhem.
Adobe Murray Renaud Bestowed by Nathan Schmidt, after the 2020 Crew Photoshops incident.
Africa Peter Macdonald Unknown
Angel Christian Angel Various reasons including the uncanny resemblance his name has to the illusionist Criss Angel.
Chimney Jonah Hamer-Wilson Bestowed jointly by Murray Renaud and Jamie Tait-Glossop, due to Jonah's love for fire, climbing on the Habitat roof, and their participation in the 2019 Lisgar performance of Mary Poppins.
Darth Glomp Charlotte Bonyun Unknown
Eagle Soren Wainio-Theberge Because he's 'Soren' through the skies.
Euro Euan Wheaton Unknown, presumably due to its resemblance to his name, or in reference to the unit of currency used in the European Union.
FANCY Arrian Amir-Rafiei In reference to his fanciful piloting skills during mission Dragan 2011 and for his particularly interesting way of saying the word fancy.
Finland Samuel Baltz Bestowed by Euan Wheaton, due to 'Baltz> Baltic States> Nothing actually even remotely like a Baltic State> Finland'. No longer used.
Jonas Chen-tao LaRochelle Bestowed by Maclean Rouble, due to Chen-tao's new haircut resembling a Stargate SG1 character named Jonas.
Lebranes Jamie Tait-Glossop Bestowed by Thomas Roach, due to Jamie's inability to correctly say the name of basketball player Lebron James. No longer used.
LeFaye Morgan Mersereau Bestowed by Euan Wheaton, as an awful 'pun' on Arthurian sorceress Morgan Le Fay.
Lightningrod Abigale Hamer-Wilson Bestowed by Blakely Haughton, in reference to a Hindsight 2020 disaster during which she was struck by lightning.
Lyra Patrick Melanson Due to his copious use of puns, presumably in reference to Lyra Evans. No longer used.
Malade Patrick Melanson Coined from its resemblance to his surname.
Moogle Samuel Baltz Derived from Copernicus Moogle, due to his work organizing Keplernicus, whose name is also based off of Copernicus.
Moonboy Blakely Haughton Bestowed by his crewmates after accidentally hitting the moon while returning from Mars during Hindsight 2020.
Nachos Eliana Hamer-Wilson Earned after a game of Pictionary where she, along with Abigail Hamer-Wilson, was unable to remember what Nachos were, only able to call them 'cheesy chips'.
Pepsi Jamie Tait-Glossop Earned after an allergic reaction to aspartame from several bottles of Diet Pepsi caused her to act intoxicated in front of her colleagues. Also a jab at her French Canadian heritage.
Pika Ian Martin So named for his infamous 'Pikapuns', it is believed.
Tycho Aaron Lee Bestowed by Jamie Tait-Glossop, due to his creation of an iconic desktop background for the computer of the same name.
Wales Blair Darling Bestowed by Jamie Tait-Glossop and Murray Renaud after starting an inside joke that involved reacting to Discord messages with the Welsh flag emote.