2020 Crew Photoshops

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The unedited image.


The Crew Photo for Hindsight 2020, like many crew photos (namely the one from Silver Seas 2018), was missing a crew member, Murray Renaud. Unlike the missing crew member from Silver Seas, Murray Renaud has a physical form, and wished to be included in the image. Armed with Photoshop, a drawing tablet and six cups of coffee, Jamie Tait-Glossop sagely decided that the solution to the problem was this:


  • Whydoihaveanimagenamedtobasonmycomputeralready.png
  • Ethereal.png
  • Whatthefuckisthis.png
  • Yougotthedud.png
  • Them.png
  • Hacker.png
  • Ebceblabus.png
  • Cannon.png
  • Whatexperimentswillhedo.png