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The Dig

I believe that OCESS' past is the key to securing its future. This wiki is home to countless information, traditions and lore that most of us have never even heard of. My goal is to bring back the culture and knowledge that made OCESS great in the 'good old days'. This talkpage is dedicated to my and others' mission to learn as much about OCESS' history as possible. Below are a list of articles and such which I find relevant or interesting to this mission.

Interesting Wiki Articles

Unfinished Wiki Articles

My Favourite Articles

Ideas from OCESS' Past

  • Masons?
  • French EEPs
  • A functional ENG Closet
  • Student exchanges!
  • Multiple school bases of operation
  • Old position names (FIDO INCO, etc)
  • Sponsorships/Partnerships
  • Weapons Module