INCO Procedures

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1.3 INCO

1.3.1 Job Description

The Instrumentation and Communications Officer is responsible for all computer-based (secondary) communications with the Habitat, as well as the TCS.

1.3.2 Standard Flight and Emergency Procedure

The INC Officer is to constantly monitor and maintain all primary and secondary communications between Mission Control and the Habitat: AuxCom, and CapCom (TCS). This officer is also responsible for logging all significant mission events and maintaining and changing pressure in the primary airlock during docking procedures and EVAs. In all emergencies, AuxCom must be monitored closely, as CapCom could lose contact without warning.

1.3.3 Logging Procedure

All Log entries must have the current Mission Time appended to their entries. All CapCom messages, Experiment data, mission status changes, and Habitat status changes must be logged. In short, the INCO shall log all direct messages. The INCO should also be prepared to access prior entries if requested by other Mission Control or Habitat staff.

1.3.4 Communication Broadcast Procedures

The INCO is to manipulate the stereo and aerial combo so that Radio (TCS) communtications with the Habitat are broadcast throughout Mission Control. The Flight Director will direct the INCO to turn on the Receiver Module, the stereo, and to switch the input on the stereo to