Pickled Furby

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This article is about Space Sim Lore. It contains anecdotes or Spacesim mythology.

SCP-W027 in secure containment in the Simulator Loft

Item #: SCP-W027

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-W027 is to be contained under partial vacuum in its one and a half (1.5) liter glass jar at all times, and stored in either the simulator loft or in the domestic refrigerator installed in the habitat. The vacuum of the jar is to be tested once per four (4) weeks using the safety button integrated into the lid. The jar is to remain sealed at all times. Any breaches of this vacuum seal should be reported immediately to Dr. ██████████.

Description: SCP-W027 is a Furby-brand simulated toy pet which has been broken into pieces and pickled. It is enclosed in a one and a half (1.5) liter Farm Boy-brand Polish Dill Pickles jar, from which the original pickled cucumbers appear to have been removed. The remaining contents of the jar (listed by the label as water, vinegar, dill, sugar, garlic seeds, mustard, horseradish, allspice, bay leaf, black pepper, and salt, in order of decreasing quantity) remain. The jar appears to be sealed and under partial vacuum, as the safety button on the lid is permanently depressed. The jar is marked with a Best Before date of ██.██.20██, and has the Universal Product Code (UPC) ████████████. On the label of the jar, the word "Pickles" in "Polish Dill Pickles" has been crossed out, and the word "Furby" written next to it using permanent marker. The label is otherwise unmodified. The Furby toy inside the jar, while not entirely visible, appears to have been almost entirely disassembled, and some parts are visibly cracked, torn, or otherwise damaged.

Addendum - Acquisition of SCP-W027: SCP-W027 was created by an anonymous OCESS member during the 2019 "Secret Satan" gift exchange, and was given as a gift to member Ethan ████████, in response to the requested gift, "pickled furby". Mr. ████████ has stated to facility personnel that the request was made "because [he] couldn't think of anything else". This anonymous member has since been revealed to be Sox ███████. The exchange was coordinated using the ███████ gift exchange planning software, which was used to anonymously send the following message to the gift's recipient.

I am sickened by the mere thought of what I am going to create. The request
alone has given me extreme, unimaginable emotions, and I fear what will happen
to me as time goes on. They will start a mere peasant, a mere scrap, but they
will finish more powerful than I could imagine. The power of an old god
awakened, too strong for my frail mortal hands to hold, too intense for my frail
mortal brain to comprehend. I can only hope that you fear the gift as much as I
fear the mere request.

drink the furby pickle juice

happy holidays

Addendum - Relocation: Due to classification of SCP-W027 as a "food item" by Foundation management, it has been relocated to an off-site facility, where it will be securely stored in a mound of once-Kraft-Dinner-filled-bowls and broken computer hardware.