Benjamin Seguin

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Benjamin Seguin

Benjamin Seguin; also referred to as Beta, can be found working on tasks that require no knowledge of computers or programming.


Ben and his peer Michael, often refer to themselves as "grunt workers for life". Ben joined space sim in the 2016-17 school year, and was on the Blue Dawn 2017 mission as the EECOM officer.

Memorable Moments

  • Ben brought in a cardboard cutout of famous actor David Tennant... and no one noticed.
  • Ben was onced questioned on his ability to make props, as a response to this, a "Prop-Off" was arranged for the future.
  • Ben once cooked an Eggo waffle in a real, actual waffle fryer.
  • In the Blue Dawn 2017 mission, Ben spent a week staring at some crystal formations while not picking them up on sample EVAs; until finally grabbing them at the last moment before launch off of Triton.

I Hope Serban Reads This

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