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Hey! Hi!

Welcome to my userpage!
My name is Murray Renaud and I am a proud member of OCESS, but if everything goes according to plan, you should know that already. I like people, most of the time. If you want to talk to me about anything or just say hi, feel free to send me a message, an email, or come talk to me if you see me around.

About Me

Like many people in this club, I am a student at Lisgar Collegiate Institute and I study the viola and bari sax as part of some of the school ensembles. As for post-secondary, I plan to get a degree in music education to (hopefully) teach at a high school here in Ottawa. When it comes to more specialized degrees, I might get a PhD or a Master's in music education or composition, depending on how I go about things in the future. (A kid in a science club getting a non-science degree? Impossible!) After graduation from Lisgar, I plan to follow the lead of some alumni and continue to remain active within the club, coming to worksessions when I can. Like many of the music students in the club, I love music, so I'm very active in the Lisgar musical community. I'm also fairly active in the school's LGBTQ+ scene. This means I'm either in 414, in one of the music rooms or in 306, hanging out with my friends, talking, laughing, sometimes crying, and generally enjoying all that life has to offer. As someone who is in these groups, I have a fair bit of connections, so if I can't answer a question about music, space, LGBTQ+ topic or surviving at Lisgar, I probably know a guy.

Fun Facts

  • I compose and arrange music
  • I really like Pokémon and I can and will rant to you about it
  • Learning new things is a hobby of mine