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TransVersus Horizons is a Canadian megacorporation founded by Robert Tirnof in 1975 as Transverse the World Inc. It is known for its pervasiveness, predatory business practices, and frequent use of bribery.


Robert Tirnof founded Transverse the World in his hometown of Saskatoon in 1975, a highly aspirational electronic parts company. Its astronomical success can largely be attributed to the home computer boom of the 1980s, and by 1986 it had over 100 locations worldwide.(1) After a failed attempt to purchase the OBESS in 1987, a subsidiary known as TransUniverse was founded with the intention of rivaling OCESS' influence as a private space exploration group. TransUniverse's profit-driven practices proved to be its downfall, as the branch was closed in 1992. Transverse the World then branched out into a myriad of sectors, ranging from its origin in technology to communications, education, and even a major retailer in both online and brick-and-mortar stores. After a 2002 name change to TransVersus Horizons, it is currently a multi-billion dollar corporation - the largest in Canada by far - and a leading competitor to Amazon.

Involvement with OCESS

TransVersus Horizons attempted to purchase OBESS in 1987 as a part of its mission to become a spacefaring corporation following their $1 million contribution to OBESS' first mission, due to OBESS being Canada's only private space organization at the time. Robert Tirnof approached Ottawa Mission Control Commander and then-leader of OCESS Evan Turing with an offer of $52 million for complete acquisition of the organization and its assets. Turing rejected this offer, citing that 'if we were to forego our own morality to make a profit, then we could not truly call ourselves members of OBESS.'(2)
After its request was turned down, the two organizations parted ways for over 30 years. TransUniverse was revived as TransCaelus Horizons in 2016 with plans of becoming an extraterrestrial mining company. They approached OCESS for a partnership, offering $730 million for the opportunity to send mining representatives and equipment on their 2019 mission to the asteroid 16 Psyche. The groups communicated via email:

  • OCESS Crew and Assosciates,

We have done more research about the asteroid and are increasingly intrigued by the metal situation. We are continuing to research for scientific purposes to see what is present on the planet. Our team is currently also researching drilling opportunities, with the aim to better methods for extraction on the planet. We are looking into diamond drill bits and other experimental mining procedures, but have not yet reached any conclusions about using these tools on 16 Psyche. Kind regards, Your friends at TransCaelus

  • Message for Hawking III Crew

There have been several unexpected expenses on this mission, as well as aggravating restrictions which have severely limited our ability to benefit from it. As such, we would like you to perform some extra research on our behalf. I’m sure that your spacefaring associates would be quite experienced in processing finances, so a breakdown of the costs for mining on Psyche would be excellent. Additionally, let us know of any difficulties you had on this mission with regards to resource extraction, as we will need to consider them during mining operations in the future. Lastly, we have been considering the use of the Mond process, (should you not already know what that is, which I hope you would given your status, a quick internet search should tell you) for the purpose of nickel extraction. Please let us know if that would be a feasible operation and if we should invest in it going forward. -Dave Sent over TransMachina Horizons secure ISP systems. Call 1-613-555-0146 for technical support.

TransCaelus Horizons' brazen disregard of Canadian and International law landed both OCESS and TCH in hot water following the mission. While OCESS and its 2019 crew members were found not guilty of any crimes, TransVersus Horizons was fined $32 billion by the Canadian government and forbidden from operating in the country. Its headquarters were moved to Detroit and all its Canadian locations became Loblaws-brand locations. Emily Rest and Gavin Brown, the crew's mining representatives, are still hiding from Canadian law enforcement in Russia.

Subsidiaries and Aliases

  • TransCaelus Horizons (formerly TransUniverse), a spacefaring and extraterrestrial mining company
  • TransMachina Horizons (formerly Imachinations), a telecommunications company
  • TransCivis Horizons (also known as MarketGrocer), a grocery and department store
  • TransPratura Horizons (also known as everyMarket), an online retailer and distributor


  • (1) Turak 1987 Transverse the World is a megacorporation with over 100 locations worldwide, and we are proud Canadians at heart like you are. It was not even fifteen years ago that we were a small startup in Saskatoon with big aspirations for the future.
  • (2) Turak 1987 There is more to life than making money, and if we were to forego our own morality to make a profit, then we could not truly call ourselves members of OBESS. Our organization is a labour of love, dedicated to nothing more than learning about everything that the universe has to give to us. Transverse the World wishes to exploit these gifts for their own personal gain, and no amount of money will ever make us bend to their will as long as I have anything to say about it.