Turak 1987

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This article is about Space Sim Lore. It contains anecdotes or Spacesim mythology.

NOTE: This article describes an entirely fictional mission. All characters and events are purely fictional.

Turak 1987
Year 1987-88
Mission Destination AYSE
Mission Dates Feb 11, 1987 - Nov 6, 1988
Habitat Commander Andrew Miles
Subcommander Alexei Karsolo
Mission Control Commander Matthew White, Evan Turing, Cameron Losier
Simulator Commander N/A

Turak 1987 was a the fictional 'first OBESS mission' as uncovered by the Psychedelia 2019 crew on their EVA to repair the Engine Module. The epistolary tale of the young crew sent up to build the AYSE module was discovered in a box of eight floppy disks, each containing a snippet of the larger story.
The disks tell the story of the first ever mission launched by Beta OBESS. Below are the contents of each individual disk.

Author: Jamie Tait-Glossop

Turak 1987