Government of Canada (Beta)

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The Government of Canada is the governing body in Canada. Its main organ is the Cabinet, led by the Prime Minister, an elected official.

Involvement with OCESS

OCESS was contacted by the Canadian Government on their mission Psychedelia 2019 due to their violation of international law. A government representative contacted them by email:


On 23/02 of 2019, the crew of the Hawking III expedition vessel, owned by the OCESS organization, violated the Outer Space Treaty on their ‘Psychedelia’ mission to the asteroid 16 Psyche. Canada takes the enforcement of international treaties very seriously, and this violation will thusly result in a seizure of your research equipment and data. Additionally, the Hawking III vessel and its crew, in whatever condition they return, will be under government custody until further notice. The OCESS as an organization will be largely safe from the ensuing investigation, but several members present at the time of violation will be asked to participate as witnesses in the case against TransVersus Horizons, ltd. We hope that you return safely.

Upon landing, government officers demanded access to the habitat and declared the entire crew under arrest. Acting under commander's orders, Blakely Haughton took off again and landed the habitat in Russia. The crew were later cleared of all crimes and returned safely to Canada, while the two TransCaelus Horizons mining representatives remain in Russia and are wanted by Canadian law enforcement.