SURGEON (procedures)

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SURGEON, or the Flight Surgeon is responsible for monitoring the health of the astronauts, diagnosing any issues, and developing treatments for those issues.

Chief Flight Surgeon

There will be one Chief Flight Surgeon to whom all other Flight Surgeons will report.


There must always be one Flight Surgeon on-call at all times.

  • The on-call SURGEON must provide their cellphone number to FLIGHT
  • The on-call SURGEON must provide the room number of any classes they will be in while on-call

If the SURGEON does not have a cellphone, one will be provided for the duration of their shift.

The on-call SURGEON should be prepared to move to Mission Control at the Flight Director's request.

There should be one backup on-call SURGEON.


SURGEON should have certification in MC MEDICAL.


The SURGEON is responsible for evaluating the Biomeds data gathered by the astronauts.


Biomeds should be run for each astronaut once a week for three weeks prior to the Mission to create a baseline.


Ensure that all data fall within expected parameters.


The whole team of SURGEONs, lead by the Chief Flight Surgeon, is in charge of developing an individual meal plan for each astronaut based on their dietary restrictions and necessary intakes. These plans should be merged to create a meal-plan for the entire crew, in order to facilitate meal prep during the mission.