Missions (procedures)

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Spacesim Missions are excursions to other worlds conducted by astronauts who are monitored and aided by mission control. The entire excursion is tended by the simulators.


Each mission will have several parameters that must be set by the Mission Commander or designate prior to the mission:

Mission Type Missions are either Training Missions or Main Missions
Mission Objectives Each mission will have specific objectives that are to be accomplished, if the mission is to be considered a success.
Mission Destination An extraterrestrial destination will be selected for each mission
Staff The Habitat and Mission Control will be staffed each according to their own procedures.

Mission Quality Control

To ensure the success of each mission. The mission's main parameters should be finalised

  • At least one day prior to the mission for Training Missions
  • At least one month before the mission for Main Missions.

The Admiral should review and approve the parameters when they are presented by the Mission Commander.