Nick Eglin

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Leftmost in fore (wearing hat)

Leftmost in fore, wearing hat

Nick Eglin
Current Grade 17
School Lisgar Collegiate
Current Position Deputy Education Commander
Former Positions None

Nick Eglin joined Spacesim during his grade 12ish year, though he had attended Spacesim events prior and knew quite a few members. He is known for his facial hair and resemblance to a bear. His wiki and forum usernames are Exonar. He is also the 2010-11 Deputy Education Commander, a role notable for being completely overshadowed by Samuel Baltz and his myriad proposals.

Useful Stuff

  • Helped Ben Paul set up the speaker system.
  • Once made a pretty cool speech about something or other.
  • Has awesome facial hair.
  • Is trying to rebuild the Robbie controller to act as a pilot interface.
  • Knows more about Star Wars history than real history.
  • Writes parody songs.
  • Has a love affair with duct tape.
  • Once tied his shoes one handed while blindfolded.
  • Is an OC Transpo Master
  • Is an Trolling Master
  • Is a Janitor Master
  • Is a Shelter Building Master
  • Is a Foreign City Navigation Master
  • Achieved all those masteries with Samuel Baltz.


The doodle in question, courtesy of Ian Martin

While Nick has never actually competed in UTSDC, a doodle of his face attended with Spacesim's 2010 envoy.

Beta Canon

In the Beta Lore, Nick Eglin was executed in 2015 for committing a series of egregious court martialable offenses in the presence of superior officers.