Samuel's Mandate to Rejuvenate EEPs

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As the title would suggest, Samuel’s Mandate to Rejuvenate EEPs is the significantly more informed and aggressive counterpart to Samuel's Proposal to Rejuvenate EEPs. The mandate (it was not a proposal because it requested no action on the part of current club commanders) was completed on May 25, 2010. The document outlined very roughly everything that would have to be completed in order to get EEPs successfully running by the beginning of the 2010-11 school year. The mandate was merely a request for input before Samuel Baltz devoted much of his summer to reviving EEPs.

The Mandate

This document is the first step on the path to reinstating EEPs in Spacesim. This plan lays out very simply everything that I will do to develop an Elementary Education Program by the beginning of 2011, and to hone it to a functional program by the end of the 2010-11 school year. Anyone who wishes to help with this process is more than welcome, but if no one steps forward I will happily complete it myself. Ideally each of these steps will be complete by the end of September 2010. This document should also be kept for posterity in case the EEPs program ever falls into complete disrepair again.

  • The letter to be sent to teachers or principals throughout the board must be drafted or revised from an old copy. This must be done by September of 2010, and sent in the same month.
  • A working demonstration for any age group that wants a demo must be created or revised from an old demonstration. This is already partially complete, and should be done by at least a month prior to the first scheduled demo. These should include at least one of: Pit Demo, Microgravity, and Rockets, for consecutively more advanced ages. The same demonstration can also be modified to serve any given grade level.
  • Any outside materials, such as the binders that I have requested from the Canadian Air and Space Museum, must be procured. This should also be completed by a month prior to the first scheduled demo.
  • Members within the club who wish to participate in EEPs must train according to the demos that have been designed. At least 4 members, including the Education Commander and Education Subcommander, should know all of the EEPs demos. These members should include at least one junior member.
  • If teachers and principles do not respond to the original request, we must work out alternate ways of reaching them.