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Memes are jokes, phrases, or events that have become part of Sim Culture. They are usually based off mission events and nerd culture. The following list is presented in alphabetical order.


Catclan Logo

Created during the 2009-10 year by Charlotte Bonyun. The concept started out with Becca Kalinger being nicknamed "Spazzcat" due to her very cat-like manners and habits, but eventually expanded and named a large variety of people within Spacesim.

Rules for the naming of a Catclan member to-be have evolved with the group; a tendency to have the names start with the letter "s" became a rule, a spelling quirk made by the first male member, Spartakat (later Stargakat), having the ending with a "k" instead of a "c" became a rule for all following male members. A tacit rule also has the nicknames kept to three syllables or less, excluding the "cat/kat."

According to Charlotte Bonyun, a Catclan name becomes official once she hears of it.

Catclan Members

The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown is a song by Europe that became popular in Spacesim in 2009-10. It was notably used as a preface to the countdown for Daedalus 2010 and as a wake-up song for the final day of that mission. The song is regularly played in the Habitat during training missions and in the Interlock or Command and Control during work sessions.

The Game

The Game is frequently played by members of Spacesim. To play The Game, please go here.


A phenomenon on the Forums started by Lyra Evans, the forums' censor filter was used to replace all instances of the word "and" with the words "and McSquiggly and". For example, "We are currently working on doors and the sub" would be rendered as "We are currently working on doors and McSquiggly and the sub." It is assumed that the original purpose was to see how long it would take someone to post something on the forums asking about what was going on. The first person to do this was Ian Martin, two months after the inception of McSquiggly. It was later revealed that Forums' administrators Ben Paul and Maclean Rouble had been in on the joke from the beginning. Possibly after complaints, Lyra censored McSquiggly to "I'm Hanging onto dying traditions." A thread of the forum was dedicated to the death of McSquiggly, and it was a rather sombre affair until Samuel Baltz discovered that MCSQUIGGLY in all caps was not censored.

Monetary Surplus

Monetary Surplus is a euphemism for the Planetary Surface, used as a means of maintaining mission integrity. It came into fruition leading up to Mission Daedalus 2010. Euan Wheaton invented the phrase after purposely mishearing someone saying "planetary surface". Many jibes at Spacesim's financial situation followed the phrase's invention.

Nicely Done, Lyra

The famous sign

The Nicely Done, Lyra sign was created during Mission Daedalus 2010 by acting Flight Director Ben Paul written written on a white 8*11 paper in the Spacesim Office, and addressed astronaut Lyra Evans. It was created when Lyra, during dialog with Mission Control made a particularly funny joke about astronaut Euan Wheaton. The sign was held up to the CAPCOM webcam for the benefit of the Habitat crew. The sign was then presented whenever Lyra would accomplish any noteworthy action, such as overpressurising the Airlock later in that same mission.

Original Dialog

Preceding the conversation Mission Control was certain that it had heard Lyra Evans ending her sentences with "over" while talking to Euan Wheaton, and wanted to make sure that she hadn't been trying to talk to MC.

Mr. Baltz: "Lt. Evans, are you talking to us? Over."

Lt. Evans: "No, I was talking to Euan."

Mr. Baltz: "Then why were you ending your sentences with 'over'? Over."

Lt. Evans: "Because I was talking to Euan. It's like talking to someone a million miles away."


  • "Imma firin' ma lazar! BAAAH!"
  • "Its all over yar face!!"
  • "SHAWG!"
  • "IT'S OVER 9000"
  • "Rectum? Damn near killed'em!"
  • "So, I tend to eat a lot of dirt." (Used when someone says something embarrassing or inappropriate within earshot of a teacher)


His general appearance.

Trogdor the Burninator is a cartoon character from Homestar Runner animated movies first appearing in the sbemail "Dragon" where "kaizer" from California wanted to know if Strong Bad could draw a dragon. Strong Bad's first attempt fails (he ends up writing "The S is for sucks"). He tries again (using what he refers to as "Consumate Vs") and creates Trogdor the Burninator.

Trogdor has been part of Sim Culture at least since witty Spacesim members created their own version of the song and wrote it on the Habitat in the allotted space during Signing the Airlock. The Spacesim lyrics, thought to be written by Stefan De Young, replaces such lines as "Burninating all the peoples and their THATCHED ROOF COTTAGES!" with "Burninating all the astros in their DRYWALL HABITAT!" A handwritten copy of the original lyrics from the the heavy metal song about Trogdor is posted in the Sim Office, but it is inaccurate. Instead of having two "TROGDOR!"s, it has three.

We All Live In A Drywall Habitat

We All Live In A Drywall Habitat is a parody of the Beatles song Yellow Submarine. The song describes astronauts running around the Habitat screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs and banging very hard on every wall of the habitat.

The song was first sung during the 2008-09 mission Genesis to Iapetus. During the mission there were no set lyrics, but afterward the lyrics to the song were typed up and posted on the wall of the habitat by Zola Magwood.


"Zarr" is a phrase invented by Cheyenne Carty as an amalgamation of the words "is" and "are." The phrase is used by members of Spacesim when giving each other props. The opposite of Zarr is Tard, though logically it should be Rraz.

The Zarr is initiated when a person is observed to be doing something props-worthy. If a Zarr is initiated to celebrate an action of the initiator, that person should be Tarded by hitting their outstretched fist in the style of "Bloody Knuckles." In the case where the target of Zarr is too distant, a Chain-Zarr may be initiated, where a Zarr is passed from person to person until reaching the intended recipient.