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Orbit is a package of software developed by Admiral Dr. J. Magwood for use by the OCESS to simulate the workings of the habitat. It includes several components. The current versions are shown in the history and versions section, although many more changes are planned for oncoming missions. It is freely downloadable in the downloads section of spacesim.org.

In 2020, Patrick Melanson launched OrbitX, a remake of OrbitV coded in Python. The project was coded as part of his final year design project at university, and was presented to OCESS in June 2020.


Navigation Software

Screen shot of the navigation software. Version 5R

This part of the software is used by the pilot to navigate within the solar system. For the sake of simplification, for both the software and piloting techniques, the universe is simulated as a two dimensional plane with most objects being perfect circles or a cluster of such. However, the program is based on real astronomical physics and simulates many functions of a real spaceship. It received a major overhaul in 2006-07 to add the effects of radiation, atmosphere and fuel.


Main article: EECOM

The EECOM software monitor the environmental data for the habitat, and to controls most life support related operations as venting or pressurizing modules, scrubbing carbon dioxide, or adding oxygen. The Mission Control and the Habitat have two different variations of the same software, but all the controls are carried out from the habitat unless a beta emergency should arise.

Power Grid

Main article: Power Grid

The Power Grid Software was first added to the collection in 2006-07 for Coronis. The Power Grid software monitors reactor temperature and the status of various onboard circuits and modules. It also allows the Chief Engineer to control the activation of, amongst others, the radiation shielding, the generator itself, the propulsion systems and the communication systems.

Simulation Error Activation Utility

This is an extension of the software used by the simulators to simulate possible system failures. Once a system failure is activated, the Astronauts then have to perform a series of repair actions before the simulator would then deactivate the system failure.

Other Minor Components

Main article: AUXCOM

Telemetry Display Utility
Orbit Transfer Calculator
Telemetry Echoing Utility
Telemetry Monitoring Utility
Oxygen Supply Calculator

History and Versions

The Current Version of Orbit is: Orbit5t

The Next version or Orbit is: Orbit5v