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The Flight Director is responsible for all launch-time and flight-time operations and is in charge of Mission Control during all scheduled tasks and emergencies.


The position of FLIGHT may only be held by a member who has achieved the Complete Rating in Mission Control COMMAND.

Active Flight Director

While multiple individuals may act as Flight Director during the Mission, only one person can be the active Flight Director at a time. Members who are not the active Flight Director are not referred to as Flight Directors, and carry none of the Flight Director's authority, until they become the active Flight Director.

Mission Control Commander

The Mission Control Commander is the chief Flight Director, and may take command of Mission Control when they are present, if they deem that action to be necessary. The position may only be held by a member who has achieved the Instructor Rating in Mission Control COMMAND. The position is appointed by the Mission Commander in consultation with the Admiral and their chosen Mission Control Commander candidates.

Mission Control Staffing

Prior to the Mission, the Mission Control Commander is charged with the scheduling of all Astronaut and Mission Control shifts in accordance with mission control staffing procedure.

During the Mission, the active Flight Director is charged with the staffing of MC in accordance with mission control staffing procedure, and the shifts of the astronauts in coordination with the FAO and Habitat Commander.

Standard Flight Procedure


Only the active Flight Director may authorize the following:

Note that the Habitat Commander gains the power to authorize some of these actions in the event of communications failure and in accordance with the Habitat Commander's emergency discretionary powers.

Note also that Self-Destruct requires both the authorization of the active Flight Director and the Mission Control Commander, or the active Flight Director and the Habitat Commander, or the Habitat Commander and the Habitat Sub-Commander, or the Admiral.


Under no circumstances is the Flight Director to use his or her headset to communicate directly with the Astronauts during normal Mission Control operations. Only in the event of the CapCom officer having technical difficulty or being disabled such that he cannot speak should Flight speak to the astronauts. Finally, Flight may speak to the astronauts if in an emergency where direct clarity of the requested order is needed. All communication is the responsibility of AUXCOM and CAPCOM.

Shift Change

When a new Flight Director is scheduled to come on duty, the active Flight Director must:

  • Acknowledge the new active Flight Director
  • Have LOGS record the transfer of power
  • Stand down
  • The newly active flight director will then perform a positions check in accordance with LOGS Procedures.


The Flight Director can order timetable changes, command EVA operations, authorize recommendations by other station officers, etc. However, the Flight Director's authority is overridden by direct government or OCESS Command orders issued to the Habitat Commander whenever his/her orders conflict directly with government's/Command's orders (see P5.3.1). Under no circumstances is the Flight Director to leave Mission Control during his/her shift. Whether an emergency is occurring or not, they must remain.

Emergency Procedure

The Flight Director is responsible for dealing with all Beta-class Emergencies and is fully within his or her authority to order a mission abort. The Mission Control Commander and Habitat Commander become responsible for dealing with all Alpha-class emergencies in Mission Control and the Habitat, respectively, overriding the authority of the Flight Director.

Alpha Emergency Procedure

In the event of an alpha emergency, FLIGHT should coordinate with the OVERSEER in following Alpha Procedures as required.