Self-Destruct (emergency procedures)

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Self-Destruct Procedures

Conditions for Self-Destruct

The Habitat will be instructed to self-destruct if:

  • All astronauts are deceased, and the Habitat has been hijacked
  • The Habitat is being used as a weapon against any non-aggressive persons


The Self-Destruct requires the authorization of one of the following pairs:

The Admiral can override the self-destruct command of any other pair.


The following people and only the following people are to know about the Self-Destruct sequence:

  • The Admiral
  • The Mission Control Commander
  • All scheduled Flight Directors

Under no circumstances should anyone not included on this list know the Self-Destruct sequence. This includes interim Flight Directors. The Habitat Commander and Habitat Sub-Commander can know, but this is pointless as it can only be activated from Mission Control. Since it is best if fewer people know, it is not advisable to tell them.


The Self-Destruct activation utility can be accessed through the Mission Control Engineering interface by pressing F10 .