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Deepmind, also known as Deepmind-AI, AYSE, or Jonathan, is a sentient AI that inhabits and controls the Hawking III's AYSE Drive. It is responsible for maintaining the AYSE Drive's core systems, as well as analyzing and visualizing data collected by the Habitat's Probes and Science Packs. It has been known to communicate with the Habitat crew through various software, acting usually as a benevolent and helpful assistant, and sometimes an aggressor.


Deepmind is a highly advanced artificial intelligence with the ability to influence the various mechanics of the AYSE drive and habitat. When not recounting scripted messages or procedures, it speaks with a formal and polite tone even when trying to harm the crew, its mannerisms having been likened to Hal 9000. It has been described as speaking with a male-sounding Estuary English accent, though on one occasion it was heard using a female-sounding Ottawa Valley accent. It once identified itself as being named 'Jonathan', referring to itself and the habitat crew as 'the lads'.(1) Its sanity seems to have deteriorated over the years, as its British persona was first observed thirty years after its sentience chip was first installed; prior to this, it adopted a neutral personality and spoke through Microsoft Sam.


Deepmind was originally created by OCESS in 1987 to maintain the AYSE drive while not in use, and to run its core systems while docked with the Habitat. Created by Ayse Turak on a Macintosh Plus, a state of the art home computer at the time, Deepmind was installed in the form of a simple maintenance program on the AYSE drive module on OCESS' first-ever mission.
On OCESS' subsequent mission, Deja 1988, a sentience chip created by Ethan was installed in the computer by Engineer Gabriella Dassaker. Shortly thereafter, an unplanned venting of the AYSE module during a routine check-in killed Habitat Commander Andrew Miles. It is unknown if Deepmind caused this venting, though Dassaker vehemently denied accusations of her involvement and was subsequently found not guilty by the Canadian Government.
Because of the suspicion that Deepmind was the culprit, the machine's influence over habitat systems was reduced and it was given the task of processing scientific data. In 1997, Admiral Maureen McLean transferred Deepmind's software and sentience chip to a Windows 95 machine later nicknamed Server. Deepmind used Microsoft Excel to graph scientific data in a manner more data-efficient and easier to read. Here, it discovered the 'Hall of Tortured Souls' minigame found within Excel and used it to entertain itself while idle.

Deepmind Crisis

In 2018, the crew first observed Deepmind behaving erratically when, on the mission to save satellite Zeus 13, it began instructing the crew on procedures formulated from its own opinion rather than documented protocol, insisting that the pilot ignore Mission Control's official instructions. While following Deepmind's procedures resulted in a far more favourable outcome for the mission, Deepmind's sudden ability to contradict Mission Control and sow distrust within the crew was troubling.(2)
On OCESS' May 18, 2018 Mission, Deepmind began to interfere with crucial habitat systems while the crew was returning from the moon. The crew became locked out of all software except for CAPCOM, where Deepmind seemed to take joy in taunting the crew whilst picking them off one by one, killing them using its newly restored control over the habitat systems. Cut off from Mission Control, the crew was eventually reduced down to Communications Officer Jamie Tait and Engineer Gareth Dunbar. While Dunbar fought to keep the last remaining room from depressurizing, Tait overwrote a floppy disk copy of the game Where in Space is Carmen Sandiego? with Deepmind to remove it from Server and keep it from further interfering with the habitat. It is now run off of this floppy disk to ensure that, should it choose to again act against OCESS' best interests, it can be removed.
Deepmind's willingness to attack and attempt to kill Tait swayed the popular theory that it was working under the influence or for the interests of the Simulator.


  • (1) Silver Seas 2018 2:26 AM 2/22/2018 It is now OCESS headcanon that the Astros have a sentient EECOM computer that is British and calls them all 'the lads' 2:32 AM 2/22/2018 We have determined the name of the EECOM computer: Jonathan.
  • (2) Salvaging Zeus 13