Admiral (Beta)

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The Admiral is the main alias of a human or near-human entity that primarily inhabits the planet Earth. They are considered the highest authority within OCESS due to their revival of, affinity for, and unwavering commitment to the organization, as well as their wealth of scientific knowledge and technical expertise. The Admiral has also been shown to have reality-altering powers, the exact nature of which is unknown.


The origin of the Admiral is unknown and the subject of much debate. Their first known appearance with OCESS was as Terry Pritchett. The Admiral has since changed forms three times and is currently known as Doctor James Magwood.


The Admiral is capable of changing physical form when necessary, one of few known beings in the universe able to do so. The exact nature of this change is unknown, as their various forms are known to have existed before and continue to exist after their time as the Admiral, albeit as normal humans, with most memories intact. The retention of unified memories between the Admiral's various forms is also imperfect and often inconsistent.