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A shot of some of the electronics in the control room.

The control room, or C&C, is the primary control module of the Hawking III. It contains all of the computer programs that keep the Habitat functioning. The control room opens into the Interlock. The control room also has two camera feeds monitoring it from Mission Control at all times, and contains a television that views Mission Control so as to enable two-way video communication in the event of a CAPCOM failure.

Another shot of C&C.

Control Room Computers

As is described on the List of Computers, the four computers in the Control Room run Orbit, EECOM, Engineering and CAPCOM, with either the CAPCOM computer or a laptop for taking logs.

Sliding Chairs

The infamous Sliding Chair Task Force worked for a number of weeks in 2009-10 to place a plywood floor in the Control Room so that the chairs could be attached to sliding bars, and thereby slide back and forth across the floor.