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{{member | picture = [[Image:Chris.JPG|300px]]
{{member | picture = [[Image:Chris.JPG|300px]]
|Name = Chris Hawthorne
|Name = Chris Hawthorne
|grade = [[List of Spacesim Members#2010|12]]
|grade = [[List of Spacesim Members#2010|12, as of when his grade was 12]]
|school = [[Lisgar Collegiate]]
|school = [[Lisgar Collegiate]]
|curpos = N/A
|curpos = N/A

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Chris Hawthorne
Current Grade 12, as of when his grade was 12
School Lisgar Collegiate
Current Position N/A
Former Positions N/A
Callsign N/A
Pronouns N/A

Chris Hawthorne served as Mission Specialist during Mission Daedalus 2010, where he was multiple times appointed interrim Flight Director by both Samuel Baltz and Ben Paul. The two were grateful for his unwavering service in Mission Control throughout the entire mission, and his level head, quick thinking, and dedication to the simulation earned him a special mention in the Daedalus Debrief Notes.