Chen-tao LaRochelle

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Chen-tao --Magic Hand Fire.jpg

Chen-tao LaRochelle
Current Grade 11
School Lisgar Collegiate
Current Position N/A
Former Positions N/A

Chen-tao LaRochelle is currently a student at Lisgar Collegiate Institute and is a member of Spacesim. He joined during his eleventh grade year.

Daedalus 2010

In a meeting to decide the name of the mission, Chen-tao suggested "Daedalus", having the starship F-304 Daedalus from the show Stargate: Atlantis in mind. After three rounds of voting, the name somehow survived and christened the mission. During the mission, Chen-tao participated in MC and occupied various functions, mainly LOGS. He also kept an HTML personal log available on C3-PO at 440. He was noted in the court-martial logs for having used important multimedia airwaves to presumably pass messages between Becca Kalinger and Christian Angel.


Chen-tao's callsign was given by Maclean Rouble shortly after a trip to the hair cutter; as he walked in the Spacesim Office Maclean pointed out how he looked like a certain character in Stargate: SG1 named Jonas Quinn. Jonas is now Chen-tao's callsign. His Catclan name was, for an obscure reason, Spartakat. He recently changed it to Stargakat, for his obsession of anything Stargate: Atlantis and to a lesser degree SG1 and Universe.