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The so-called science floor of Lisgar Collegiate Institute is located near the top of the "North Building" and is the highest floor in use besides the attic. This floor houses, in addition to all science classes (AP Chemistry excepted), various Computers courses and Visual Arts classes.

New Numbering

The science floor, formerly refered to as the third floor, was redubbed the fourth floor in 2004-05, during the renumbering of the classrooms. This new nomenclature, which counts the basement as the first floor, is disliked by many students who entered Lisgar when the old numbering system was still in use.

Place of Meeting

The rear of room 413 with an appealing lens flare. (06-07).

Historically, the OCESS has used the science floor as a meeting place, holding Wednesday meetings in one of its classrooms. In the 2005-06 scholastic year, the meeting day was changed to Friday due to a conflict of duty for one of the Mission Commanders. Prior to the 1997-98 renovation, many of these classrooms were furnished with permanent double lab-desks. The much-needed remodeling removed these permanent installations and replaced them with more flexible open-centred rooms, having the lab areas around the outside.

Meetings have been held on Fridays in room 413 since at least 2004-05.

Creation of the Sim Office

Nevin Hotson outside room 414, The Spacesim Office

The 1997 renovation also resulted in the creation of a room at the end of the hallway which became the office of the OCESS teacher-advisor. As the teacher-advisor at the time had little use for more office space, the room was occupied by the student membership and quickly became known as the Spacesim Office.