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Time Travel is a blanket term that covers any modifications to, or abnormal behaviour within, the Timeline. Time travel can be initiated intentionally or by accident; accidental instances of time travel are referred to as Time Anomalies, though the line between intentional and accidental time travel is often indistinct. Following the Many-worlds interpretation, all events modified by time travel continue to exist unaltered in their original universe, implying that the Timeline may actually exist across multiple universes due to its frequent time travel. This theory also makes it difficult to distinguish time travel from dimensional travel; therefore all instances of changes to the flow of linear time are considered time travel.

Instances of Time Travel

Grandmother Paradox

The entity Ethan claims to be the grandchild of Mission Control Commander Jamie Tait. While Tait vehemently denied this claim at first, it has since been accepted as fact.(3) Ethan recounts falling into the Slipstream as a child, granting him his reality-altering abilities and transporting him an unknown amount of time into the past. This event presents a pair of possible scenarios: Ethan is the grandchild of a Tait from a parallel universe; or the exact sequence of events must occur to create Ethan and send him back in time, lest create a paradox.

Revival of Liam Gaudet

During the mission Silver Seas 2018, Habitat Commander Liam Gaudet fell fatally ill and succumbed to this unknown illness not long into the mission. The Admiral, unwilling to allow another Habitat Commander to die on mission, traveled to before mission, taking the still-alive and healthy Gaudet forwards in time and reunited him with his confused yet ecstatic crewmates.

2018 Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption

(Main Article) On February 24th, 2018 at 1015, the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupted, immediately causing an estimated 90,000 deaths and plunging North America into a volcanic winter. The European Space Agency took over communication on OCESS' behalf, due to OCESS' presumed destruction, and directed the crew to land in New South Wales, Australia. The Admiral, who survived the eruption, along with the majority of Mission Control Ottawa, by hiding inside of Keplernicus. The Admiral then traveled in time to before the eruption and prevented it, thereby meaning that it had never happened to begin with. Those who were not killed in the eruption still have memories of the event, swearing to never reveal the information to the public.(1)

2020 Moon Collision

On February 22nd, 2020, whilst returning from Mars, the crew collided with the Moon.(2) The exact reason for this collision is unknown, but the entire crew perished. The Admiral then returned to a time long enough before the crash that evasive maneuvers could be planned, communicated, and executed, saving the crew from their untimely death. Members of Mission Control who witnessed the collision still have memories of the event, swearing to never reveal the information to the public; the Hindsight crew were informed of the event upon landing, remaining an open investigation to the present day. This event is cited as the origin of Blakely Haughton's callsign, 'Moonboy'.

Time Acceleration

A common application of time travel within OCESS is allowing the AYSE drive and habitat to travel great distances in short periods of time. Usually called Time Acceleration, Time Warp, or Time Dilation, this creates a bubble around the craft that allows time to elapse much faster within it than outside. The exact mechanism of this is unknown, though it is theorized that it is caused by manually and systematically folding the Slipstream to simulate the passage of time rather than allowing it to pass naturally.


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