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SCIENCE, or the Mission Scientist is an expert in Mission Control who will monitor a specific experiment and provide guidelines on data collection and proper handling of various materials to the astronauts conducting experiments.

Number of Scientists

  • There should be at least one Mission Scientist for each experiment.
  • One Mission Scientist should be designated the Principal Investigator for each Experiment
  • If a payload requires a payload specialist, but is not classified as an experiment, that payload should still have an associated Mission Scientist


  • A Mission Scientist need only be present in mission control while their associated experiment is being carried out
  • A Mission Scientist for each experiment should be reachable by FLIGHT at any time to conduct a study of the effects rescheduling the experiment might have on data quality



Each Principal Investigator is charged with ensuring that there is at least one astronaut who is well-versed enough in an experiment that they could perform it without contact with Earth.


Each Principal Investigator must inform the Chief Engineer and the Mission Control Commander of whether any component or action required by their experiment might interfere with Habitat Systems or otherwise cause the Habitat to fall into jeopardy.