Planetary Surface Crew

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The planetary surface crew is a Task Force that is assigned to decorate the planetary surface to simulate the environment being visited by the astronauts. They usually operate behind closed doors to maintain mission integrity and prevent Astronauts or Mission Control staff from viewing the alien environment. The planetary surface crew usually works in close co-ordination with the Simulators so as to co-ordinate the landscape and environment with their planned disasters. Since the planetary surface crew members have already seen the alien environment before the mission, they usually serve as simulators to maintain mission integrity by preventing Mission Control from accidentally discovering what the landscape looks like.


The planetary surface crew often use papier-mâché to create landscape and natural objects such as rocks and puddles. Sand is almost always used to cover the floor of the planetary surface, while colored sheets are hung above the surface to simulate the sky of a planet.

However, the planetary surface crew have used some very creative methods of simulating an alien environment within the confines of 440 Albert Street. Such methods include using popcorn to simulate snow, and using large fans and subwoofers to simulate wind and earthquakes.

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