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Brian Foo aids in the inflation of the Planetarium at the 440 Albert Cafeteria during the preparation for a training session for new presenters in April 2007.

Planetariums, along with EEPs, make up the educational arm of Spacesim. The goal of Planetariums, like EEPs, is to educate students about space and spread interest in space sciences and space exploration. They also generate revenue for the club so that it may continue to offer such programs.


Unlike EEPs, Planetariums only offer one topic and are mainly geared towards astronomy. Where EEPs attempt to educate students in general science, planetariums generate interest in astronomy and outer space.

This program involves students of Spacesim taking an inflatable planetarium to various schools in the region and set up on their premises. There, we take the students inside the inflatable dome and show them around the night sky, showing them the constellations, their history and the story behind each of them, as well as explaining such phenomena as red/blue shift, and why some stars appear brighter than others in the night sky, among other things.


The Planetarium program is under the responsibility of the Education Commander and Education Subcommander. You may contact them for anything relating to the planetarium, or other EEPS programs.

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