Patrick's Proposal for Artistic Impressioning of the Habitat

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Patrick's Proposal for Artistic Impressionation of the Habitat is a proposal by Patrick Melanson, begun on May 27, 2011, suggesting an artist to create his impression of the then-current Habitat, the Hawking III. It is reprinted below in its entirety. Members may post feedback on the talk page of this article, the Forum thread, or directly to Patrick Melanson.


This proposal was presented orally to Commander Samuel Baltz on May 27, 2011. Copies currently reside on the forums.

Reception Within the Club

The proposal was brought up at the end of the May 27, 2011 lunch meeting to Samuel Baltz where it was discussed, including the fact that it had already been informally discussed before and that it be formally submitted.

Patrick's Proposal for Artistic Impressioning of the Habitat


One key component of the Spacesim experience is the habitat. It is represented by the Orbit program by a large sphere with engine pods on the bottom, which works well for piloting purposes. However, there is not much else to it. Other spaceships and space stations represent their various programs and companies (Discovery and Endeavour, the Lunar Module, the ISS, the HST, to name a few) and have many pictures and renderings on the internet of them and, therefore, provide a tangible figurehead to represent their programs or companies. The OCESS has no such figurehead and therefore the only visual representation (outside of the club) is the OCESS logo, the office and various pictures around the office. A tangible figurehead would give something for outsiders to identify with spacesim, like the Lunar Module identifies with the Apollo program. With a representation, showing what we do would be easier and an impression would show other people that we put alot of effort into this club and that it is not just a 'kind of' simulation of space.


Determining the viability of proposal

1. We must determine the approximate cost of an artistic rendering, if any.
2. We must find an appropriate artist.
3. We must make sure it is accurate to previous concept art of the Habitat

Maximizing long-term usability

1. Using texture, mesh or model editors, effects could be added to a render of the Habitat to simulate mission effects having a tangible effect.
2. Having seperate renders to represent different parts of the habitat, e.g. each engine pod having its own render. This may not be as feasible.


A 3D Render of the Hawking II would provide a visual placeholder for the habitat more so than the current 2D Orbit sprite, and one that might, for main mission events, be modified to provide an increased depth of realism.