Jeffrey Gao Hexadecimal System

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The Jeffrey Gao Decimal System data reference sheet in Copernicus in May 2006.
The Jeffrey Gao Hexadecimal System (JGHS) was a tool categorization scheme created by Jeffrey Gao when he was the Quartermaster in 2005-06. It was noted for its sexualised descriptions of certain tools such as "Hookers" for assorted hooks and "Strippers" for wire-strippers.

The system was etched in permanent marker on the Keplernicus cork board. After the room change of 2008-09, although many items still carry labels, the JGHS has yet to be re-implemented, perhaps due to ambiguities in Quartermaster role.

The Coarkboard in Copernicus being outfitted with the latest Gao Hexadecimal system.