Hall of a Thousand Eyes

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This article is about Space Sim Lore. It contains anecdotes or Spacesim mythology.

The decorated bathroom

The Hall of a Thousand Eyes is another name for the bathroom. The bathroom received this name before the 2008-09 mission when some of the members thought it would be a joke if some pictures of the Canadian Space Shuttle astronauts were pasted on the wall of the bathroom that would 'stare' at the astronauts, making them uncomfortable when in the bathroom. As the day went on the joke was changed - instead of one picture, one whole wall would be pasted with the pictures. This idea continued to be expanded upon. By the end of the night the whole bathroom was pasted floor to ceiling with the pictures. When counted accurately the total number eyes comes to 3420.

Fire hazard concerns

Concerns eventually came up over the fire hazard a room covered in glossed paper pictures constituted. As those concerns arose, the "Hall Of A Thousand Eyes" faced the disturbing possibility of soon looking like a normal bathroom. The posters were to be removed before the mission to the dismay of OCESS members, and after clarifying the general dislike to Admiral Dr. Magwood and Mission Commander Maclean Rouble, the posters were to be allowed to stay up until after the 2009-10 mission. However, due to mounting complaints from the OCDSB, the posters were removed before the mission, ending the existence of the "Hall Of A Thousand Eyes".


A reference to the Hall of Thousand Eyes can be found in the 2010-11 Lisgar yearbook as part of the write-up for Spacesim. It is labeled as "Hall of Over 9000 Eyes". When asked why it was incorrectly writen, Education Commander Samuel Baltz said, "It sounds more interesting with a meme in it".