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The Flight Activities Officer (FAO) is in charge of monitoring the astronauts' schedule in order to ensure that all astronauts are given appropriate duties. The FAO must also reorganise the astronauts' schedule when unforeseen circumstances interfere with previously planned activities. This duty towards the astronauts as individuals is in contrast to FLIGHT's duties, which involve the scheduling of the crew as a whole for the fulfillment of Mission Objectives.

Brain Balancing

Procedures: Astronaut Maintenance

The FAO must ensure that each astronaut's schedule is as balanced as possible, in accordance with astronaut maintenance procedures, in order to ensure the health of the astronauts.

Nominal Astronaut Schedule

An astronaut should have:

  • A minimum of 6 hours sleep-time
  • A minimum of 1 hour of Biomeds
  • A minimum of 1 hour Homework time
  • A minimum of 1 hour relaxation time (min. 30 minutes uninterrupted)

In addition, astronauts should be allowed to work with various partners in order to reduce strain on intrahab relations.

Psychological Issues

If an astronaut is exhibiting psychological issues, the FAO should rearrange their schedule to compensate for their mental instability.

Cabin Fever

If an astronaut is exhibiting signs of claustrophobia, erratic behaviour, inability to socialise with other astronauts, or difficulty performing assigned duties then it is possible that that astronaut has cabin fever.

  • Inform FLIGHT of your diagnosis
  • Inform the on-call SURGEON
  • With SURGEON's corroboration, give the astronaut more relaxation time and remove them from any command or experiments positions they may have been scheduled for
  • EVA may or may not help this astronaut

Modifying Shifts

If the FAO determines that an individual astronaut requires a change to their schedule, the FAO should:

  1. Ensure there is a backup of the current Habitat Schedule (FLIGHT should have one)
  2. Modify the astronaut's schedule to incorporate any necessary changes
  3. Rearrange other astronauts' schedules to make up duty shifts missed
  4. Obtain approval from FLIGHT
  5. FLIGHT will relay instructions to the Habitat through CAPCOM