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Commander Applications, colloquially referred to as Commander Apps, are Spacesim's mechanisms for choosing the next members of the club's hierarchy. These applications are annually submitted to the Mission Commander and Education Commander for every position, and the two commanders in conjunction with the Admiral choose the next year's hierarchy members. During 2009-10, the process was slightly different, because there was an extra commander (Engineering Commander) and because there was a new hierarchy (2010 Proposal to Change the Hierarchy), but this year shows that the core concept is flexible and can adapt to obstacles.


Usually a month before the end of the school year, each director-and-up member of the hierarchy writes out a set of two or three questions regarding their position. Anyone who hopes to get a spot on the hierarchy answers these questions. Members traditionally are not given positions they do not apply for, so they will usually apply for many more than are necessary.


A little-known and rarely followed rule of Commander Applications is that they cannot be seen by any member other than those to whom they are submitted for a period of 4-8 years after the applying member leaves power. Despite this, old applications can be found in the Spacesim Office or at 440.